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Application for Outer Divide

[- OOC Information -]

Name: Aroihkin (Aro for short.)
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? Nope.

[- Character Information -]

Character Name: Priscilla "Priss" Sonoma Asagiri
Fandom: Bubblegum Crisis 2032 + 2040
OU, AU, or CR AU: AU in that she's a canon character merging two canon timelines, the original anime OVAs and the remake, which are different enough to work well. Where the two timelines conflict, 2040 always takes precedence as it's the one with an actual ending to it.
Canon Point: The very end of 2040, entering the atmosphere of what should have been Earth.
Journal: [personal profile] burning_highway

Character History:

I know the app suggests brevity here, but there's not a lot of centralized information on 2032, which makes up half of her canon. I also have to go into 2040 in depth to explain some of the ways 2040 overwrites 2032, and to supply my grounds for the future evolution of the character as a result of stuff that happens right near the end of canon.

I'm going off information that was given out about Priss in the 2032 canon for her early background. I'll note specific notable events' canon in parenthesis.

(2032:) Born in 2013, Priss was twelve years old when the Great Quake hit Japan in 2025, destroying everything (more on the Quake in 2040). Her parents both died in the carnage, and Priss was stuck in an orphanage -- just like every other quake orphan. Even as Genom rose from the ashes and rebuilt the country, priming it to become the world's biggest super-power, Priss all but rotted away in the over-full orphanage for two years before discovering her talent and love for singing. At fourteen, she began to perform at every little dive that would take her, picking up band members as she went.

She quickly began writing her own music, and became a regular at Hot Legs. It wasn't long before young Priss had written a good deal of music and had developed a stage persona, squeezing into tight flashy clothes, making up her face, and sporting a blonde wig. At seventeen, she ran away from the orphanage and joined a motorcycle gang, and her life in this period consisted of little else but hard rock and fast bikes, and the young singer fell in love with the leader of the gang.

It couldn't last, of course. Her boyfriend became entangled in Genom business, and was killed as a result. Hot-headed and fed the fuck up with how life kept kicking her in the teeth, young Priss went looking for revenge.

She was stopped from throwing her life away needlessly by Sylia Stingray, who had need of someone with Priss'... spirit. (2040:) There were two other Knight Sabers before Priss, working under Sylia, but they were both killed in action, and Priss was not expected to survive for long.

But she did, of course. The blue hardsuit was made to suit Priss' street-fighting style, and she was nothing if not a survivor. Eventually, the duo picked up a third member, Nene Romanova, who Sylia caught hacking into Genom. Priss settled further into the role of front-line combatant, as Nene was terrible in a fight. (2040:) It wasn't until years later than Linna joined the team, recommended in her own special way by Priss.

The four played damage-control against Genom, whose Boomers had rebuilt Japan and now seemed to be going steadily more and more insane as Genom steadily made them more and more powerful.

(2032:) And this is where "2032" canon truly begins. Everything settled into a pattern over time, with the Knight Sabers doing mercenary work when the goals matched their own, staying out of non-Boomer-related crime entirely. Finally one day, the USSD contacted them with a job offer: find and retrieve a kidnapped computer technician and his six year old daughter, Cynthia. Despite normally staying out of non-Boomer issues, the pay was substantial, and the man's professional ties made him a person of interest. The Knight Sabers took the job.

Of course, nothing is ever quite that simple. Upon locating the man and the child, it was revealed that both were Boomers. The man was capable of merging with everything inorganic around him, which he did in a last-ditch effort to hold the Knight Sabers off, taking over an entire island-district. The girl, wide-eyed and oblivious, went into a panic as she was caught in the crossfire, and high above in space, orbital particle-beam satellites belonging to the USSD fired down on the area. Cynthia -- who was actually the 'control' for the system -- was lost in the carnage. Her body was later recovered from the ocean floor by Brian J. Mason, the vice-president of Genom, and part of her control systems were put into a new 'super-Boomer' that Mason was developing in secret.

Meanwhile, Priss watched a woman she had befriended die to Genom's treachery, the woman and her son also having been quake victims. Priss, who had taken to looking after the boy -- Sho -- while his mother was busy working to get by, had to take him to an orphanage. She tried to adopt him herself, but she lived in a ratty trailer on the edge of town and her 'profession' was as a local rock singer, and so the application was denied.

The death of Sho's mother sparked Priss into taking direct action against Genom as a Knight Saber, the other three accompanying her. It was a direct assault that ended with the death of the executive responsible for the death, and was the first time the Knight Sabers went forth and assassinated a human being. (In 2032, this executive was Mason, but 2040 contradicts this massively, so I go with the 2040 version of Mason's eventual death and say this guy was just some nameless high-up executive.)

In the fifth OVA, a pair of 33-S Boomers escaped from an orbiting station and made it to earth, where they invariably crashed in Japan. The more mobile of the two, Sylvie, befriended Priss, and the two became romantically involved. At the same time, mysterious deaths began happening all over Megatokyo, the victims drained of blood through vampire-like punctures in their necks that sent the news into a frenzy. It turned out, of course, that Sylvie was the one doing the killing, in order to keep Anri, the other 33-S who was damaged in the escape, functioning. And, through a convoluted bit of storytelling, Priss ended up having to kill Sylvie in order to save everyone else.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFqGV3O0jEU (A 4 minute, 40 second long clip of the final moments with Sylvie.)

This... destroyed Priss.

Right at the start of the sixth OVA, a quiet-spoken, lowered-eyed Priss resigned from the Knight Sabers. She went to pack her bags, and was actually already on her bike and aimed out of town when she passed a car with Anri driving, and Largo smiling at Priss from the back seat. Turning around, she chased after Anri, only to be caught by a glancing hit from the orbital particle-beam satellites at Largo's gesture, hurtling her off her bike and across the pavement. Anri was swept away once more, and now Priss knew she was keeping very dangerous company. Since Sylvie had died in large part to save Anri, this couldn't stand.

Stealing her own hardsuit and the motoslave from the holding bay, Priss went after Largo and Anri in Genom tower, only to be knocked aside by Largo like a little gnat. Anri, knowing that the blue Knight Saber had been the one to kill Sylvie, stabbed a knife in between damaged plates on the suit and into Priss' stomach. Priss, crying, only pulled her -- and her knife -- in closer, explaining what had happened. By the time Largo started laughing, she'd fallen to her knees. The following fight resulted in Anri's death, and very nearly in Priss', before Largo was finally taken out. Although Priss remained in the Knight Sabers after all, she was never the same again after Sylvie and Anri's deaths.

(( Side note: The fight with Largo, interestingly, was supposed to result in Priss' death... but the fans of 2032 found out and screamed so much bloody murder than it was changed at the last second. The opening song to the next OVA is even about her death: "like the wind, you disappeared into the asphalt / while being torn to pale shreds." Yeah, that... would've left a mark. Ouch. So instead they dues ex machina'd at the very end of the fight and lamed Largo out, but that's a whole other side rant. Seriously, there were better ways to change gears, guys! And I know it was the 80s, but did the rewritten part really need so much guitar from out of nowhere? Sigh... ))

In between the end of the 2032 OVAs and the beginning of the 2040 plot, Priss became a famous enough singer to hang up the blonde wig and the skimpy clothing, choosing to perform instead in well-tailored suits. Not only was she drawing a crowd on her voice's merits instead of her figure, but the years of combat as a Knight Saber with relatively fragile hardsuits left marks that eventually couldn't be explained away easily or covered with enough stage makeup. In this time the hardsuits went through another round of upgrades, and Sylia stepped down from active duty, directing the others from afar. Her mind had grown too... unstable to be safe interfacing with a hardsuit.

Things went pretty normally during the first part of the 2040 plot. There were rogue boomers; the Knight Sabers killed them. The ADP were dicks; the Knight Sabers rubbed their faces in the mud. Eventually it came to light that Genom's vice president, Brian J. Mason, was searching for Sylia's father's lab, buried deep underground in the earthquake. Sylia herself began searching in earnest for it as well, hoping to beat Mason to the slumbering monster within.

She did, but Mason had counted on her finding it, and had diverted all his resources to tailing her. The monster -- a glowing little girl called the Sotai -- was escorted from the underground hand-in-hand with Mason, while the four Knight Sabers looked on helplessly, their hardsuits fused solid and turned into scrap.

After ejecting the batteries from their suits and making it back to the surface, Priss came to the realization that the hardsuits were, in themselves, boomers. She swore to never wear a hardsuit again, for fear of what would happen if it went rogue, and once more washed her hands of the Knight Sabers and their business.

Of course, this lasted for all of an hour. Flashes of Sylia's memories overtook the other three Knights' minds until they stumbled back to base to find Sylia glowing green on the couch. Priss knew then that there was no escaping being a Knight Saber, whether or not she ever put another hardsuit on. They had linked their minds to boomers, and that was irreversible even with the hardsuits gone.

Later, the Sotai -- now named Galatea -- re-animated all the dead boomers stored in the AD Police headquarters with Nene and several others trapped inside. This was the first taste the Knight Sabers and Priss had of "the Sotai Phenomenon", Galatea's true danger to the world. This was the threat that the Great Quake had been an artificially triggered to halt; intended to seal and hopefully destroy the Sotai as she clawed her way to the surface.

One small sample of her power turned the AD Police tower into a real-life zombie horror movie, only with machines instead of soft flesh.

And it didn't stop there. Although Priss -- without her hardsuit -- managed to help bust everyone out of the tower before they could be killed by the merging boomers, the tower itself was rapidly overtaken, including all of the extremely powerful broadcast equipment at the top. Even as the Knight Sabers regrouped, the "boomer plague" (the Phenomenon) began to spread below-ground through the massive energy-storage lines, as well as to a lesser degree above ground via rogue humanoid boomers going forth and infecting other machinery and merging with one another.

By the time the final version of the hardsuits were finished, the lines themselves -- called the "dragon lines" (what kind of anime would this be, without /something/ called a "dragon", right?) -- began to tear up from below ground, the huge cables moving as though animate, spreading the Phenomenon further. Although the Knight Sabers did direct battle with the line twice, they never managed to do much more than annoy it and stop it from spreading to the mainland. But only barely. Megatokyo was evacuated, and talks began to circulate about nuking the city from afar.

A face-to-face confrontation with Galatea in Genom Tower only resulted in the Knights watching as she merged her entire consciousness into the tower, shifting its shape and launching upwards into space in order to reach the Shohen Project, essentially a whole bunch of solar-energy-collecting satellites hooked up to equipment that was perfectly suited for blasting the Phenomenon across the planet. (As with everything involving Galatea, it makes much more sense in context than it does as a footnote in Priss' app.)

Eventually figuring out how to go up into space to make one last-ditch attempt at stopping Galatea, Priss, Linna, and Nene used Priss' motoslave to hit 800km/hr and leap up into the passing skyhook, which made cargo trips between earth and the Shohen Project on a set schedule. As predicted, it got them up into space and near enough to the Shohen Project to reach it, although the skyhook was destroyed by the Phenomenon, making this /really/ a last-ditch mission with no known way to return to the planet.

They didn't beat Galatea there. The Shohen Project, already infected, merged into a single non-biological entity, and managed to make one blast to earth before Linna and Nene managed to delay it by taking out what was essentially its gun barrel. The two Knight Sabers were sent plummeting toward earth with the force of the resulting explosion, thereby leaving Priss facing down Galatea alone. The Sotai made short work of turning Priss' hardsuit rogue and infiltrating her mind (not for the first time, either) through its connection to her brain.

Explaining that the human brain is merely a storage for electrical impulses, just as a computer is, and just as the human brain she was born from was, Galatea informed Priss that she would reverse the process. She would make Priss into her anti-seed, downloading herself and taking Priss as a human component. This was no different than she was shown doing to Mackie earlier in the plot, and was a strange sort of reversal to how Galatea herself was created. So it just seemed to be normal to her, and Priss' struggles were confusing but easily-ignored.

This is one of many points where the series easily could have ended on a losing note. Trapped and immobilized in a rogue hardsuit while boomer components slid under her skin, forcibly incapable of thinking for herself anymore... Priss gave up. At least, she gave up briefly. Spying the other two falling towards earth through Galatea's own sensors, Priss noticed that they had changed the shapes of their hardsuits in order to possibly re-enter earth's atmosphere without melting into paste.

This was startling enough to let her knock Galatea aside in her mind long enough to fight once more for her own sanity, and is the second sign that Galatea's download had been a success. (The first: seeing through Galatea's sensors.) Suddenly able to force the cables and wires out from under her own skin, Priss also /forced/ the hardsuit to stabilize its shape, shifting back into its normal form. This should have been impossible, and probably would have been without a copy of the Sotai in her own brain.

(At this point I'm mostly explaining the fight in such detail to point out all the signs of Galatea's presence in Priss' mind.)

Galatea went on the offensive, but quickly wrote Priss off as a meaningless distraction when Priss' hardsuit finally, after days of operation under insanely stupidly high demands, ran out of power. Priss, mid-charge at the time, floated placidly past Galatea's current form and out into space, unable to move, and the oxygen her suit had produced already beginning to run out. Again, her fight very nearly ended here, and would have ended in a loss had it not been for the motoslave still in the skyhook's wreckage tangled up nearby.

In the third major sign that Galatea's download had worked, the motoslave spoke to Priss inside her mind, for the very first time, asking to be released from the constraints placed upon it. Priss allowed it this, and the motoslave immediately broke free of the wreckage and came to her rescue, powering up her suit for a last lunge at Galatea.

The forth sign came when the collector satellites and raw boomer material was sent to ball up around the motoslave and hardsuit, and Priss... shifted the shape of the material around them. Twice. Finally, she forced Galatea into "defeat" (by which, Priss' mind had somewhat infected Galatea in return, and Galatea realized that her current path was not what she wanted), and Galatea exploded into pure energy while Priss plummeted toward earth. Another sign came with Galatea's rambling, binary-like language was suddenly understood by Priss, and the two exchanged words before the energy hit the hardsuit, and Priss "mysteriously" knew how to said energy with her damaged suit, which had once again run out of power.

In canon, the hardsuit crashed to earth off-camera with Priss inside of it, though we see the state it was in by the time it touched down. She managed to peel herself out of it and went wandering the desert, naked. Instead, she'll come crashing down into a remote bit of jungle here, with her hardsuit in just as useless of a condition.

AU History: I feel like this is covered above since the only AU is that I wove the original into the remake.

Previous Game History: **If you're not apping a CR AU, omit this section.**



Priss is a rough-around-the-edges vigilante with a whole lot of rage that she wears openly with pride, and a whole lot of conflicting emotions hidden away on the inside, which... let's be honest, still includes a lot of rage; this is not an act she puts on.

She's cynical, and more than a touch burned out, but she can't help herself; she's a hero, a Knight Saber. Priss is perfectly likely to put a cigarette out on the hand you offer her, should she be feeling contrary enough, but if trouble erupts two seconds later, she'll be between you and it before you can blink, ready to protect you and your stupid burned hand. Whether she's unarmed, or against absolutely hopeless odds, it doesn't matter. She's a shield, albeit a battered and dented shield with all the paint chipped off. If the shit hits the fan, it has to go through her to reach any bystanders.

Priss prefers to be tough and aloof and untouchable, and yet she writes and sings her share of sappy love songs. In fact, singing is one of the only times she feels alive and free, and she has no shame about any of it; not her skin-baring blonde-wig-wearing youth and not her more recent business suits and light shows. It's rock, and she's a rock star, and performing on stage is one of the only times she really comes out of her shell.

Under it all, Priss suffers from her fair share of anime main character angst and more than a little PTSD. On top of this, the stirrings of the downloaded Galatea in her mind is a source of conflict and worry; she may yet lose who she has become, though the Sotai means her no harm. The boomer has never had to mean harm to cause it.

Priss has always had a hell of a death wish, ever since she was recruited into the Knight Sabers, which was a job she was not supposed to survive for long. However, she seems to be particular about how she'll accept going out. During 2032 she's even heard to say "I won't be beaten... I can't be beaten... not in this fight!", and she has a similar line in late 2040: "I, I don't want to die this way."

And sometimes it's simply her need to protect others that overwrites her death wish, even as all the times she's failed to do so, fuels it.

Evolution from start of canon to now:

She was much more openly-emotional during the events of 2032, showing care for her teammates and others, but after the death of Sylvie and then Anri, she closed up tight. Still, she is and always has been quite reckless.

By the time 2040 rolled around, she sneered at the idealism of the others, and claimed to only be in the vigilante business for the money. "There are no wings on my back," as she said to Linna. The events of 2040 slowly cracked her resolve once more, although she would rarely openly admit to giving a damn, she was certainly the first to charge into the path of danger on behalf of her fellow Knights.

At the conclusion of 2040, Priss hurtled herself into space with no real idea how she would get back, on a mission to save humanity -- and to keep Linna and Nene safe. There was no pay for this job, and she didn't even think to pretend to care. She fought hard, showing her old 2032 passion, and nearly lost herself when Galatea's download merged her with the Sotai's consciousness. Seeing that Linna and Nene were still alive was what made her continue the fight, eventually killing Galatea... and regretting that it had come to this.

As the explosion hurtled her back toward the earth, she came to truly understand the Sotai. Having recently made peace with the Motoslave and even her own hardsuit despite that they were Boomers, Priss' personality came full-circle from back during 2032 when she fought to save Anri. Even the hardsuit acknowledged this, the remains of Motoslave and much of the hardsuit's spare materials melting into a pair of solid and useless angelic wings by the time it crashed. She did indeed have wings on her back.

Crashing onto a whole other world, of course, is going to make her cagey again, and probably somewhat unpleasant company for a while until others, or even the setting itself, gets under her skin.


Three sets: human, hardsuit, Sotai.

Human: She's a pretty good shot with most guns, is a good enough biker that she can control a machine that should tear her to little misty pieces (pre-Galatea) without a hardsuit, and her fighting moves within the hardsuit are just amplified versions of what she can do without it. Her combat style is very rough and rumble street-brawler, with a dash of acrobatics she picked up post-suit, and I've considered making a drinking game of the number of times Priss tries to beat the shit out of something with a pipe or wrench in both series. Seriously, it's a theme with her.

Really though, at the end of the day, when unarmed and without the hardsuit or even a motorcycle to make use of, she's pretty much regulated to Chick Who Has To Be Tazed To Be Arrested. (This is obviously without the Sotai active.)

She also sings really damn well, and apparently is pretty awesome on a guitar. Her original seiyuu's only VA role was as Priss... before she went on to become a full time singer (Oomori Kinuko). In 2040 they actually hired a separate seiyuu for her singing voice because it was that important that she sound really good. They didn't bother to do this for the otherwise equally-good english dub of 2040, sadly.

Hardsuit: Priss is going to be using her "mysterious" sudden knowledge of boomers (read: having the goddamned Sotai in her brain) to repair her somewhat-melted hardsuit. I expect this to take months of RL time, and a whole lot of scavenging and jury-rigging and getting into hijinks as a squishy human-person. I understand power may be an issue, but with magnetic motors and the like in play, I'm confident that with mod approval she could set up a sufficient 'trickle-charger' of sorts; the final model of these boomers does not require much juice to charge up.

While it's busted and until Priss figures out how to turn it into boomer goo, the hardsuit's abilities mostly entail being all but impossible for a normal human to move, looking really damn gruesome, and holding the ground down so it doesn't fall into the sky. All very important abilities. It is bound irreversibly to Priss' mind, arguably several times over now that she's also the dormant source/Sotai of the boomers, and is unlikely to cooperate with anyone wanting to do more than use one of the sharp wingy bits to pop open a beer. Which it's probably great for, right now.

When whole, Priss' hardsuit is the battering ram of the Knight Sabers. It's the heaviest and toughest in close combat, the suit having lost its 2032 guns for the remake. It literally relies on punching shit to death, which it does remarkably well. In the series it's equipped with explosives on hands and feet called knucklebombs, which I assume are defunct unless Priss finds replacement material for them. (And she will probably be looking, she loves her some explosives, but I'm perfectly fine with her never finding something suitable.)

The final hardsuit can jump so high that it may as well be flying, and shows limited hovering abilities, but it doesn't manage actual bona-fide flight. It can run stupidly fast with momentum behind it, and is still awfully fast without it (it has jump thrusters to assist with getting moving if it needs to). It can throw tanks, punch through armor, and in general be a real pain in the ass. It is, however, not in the least bit stealthy... every step a hardsuit takes is clearly audible as the muscle myomers inside fire, and that's without even taking into account the sheer stupid levels of weight behind everything it does. The hardsuit is so heavy that when the power is off, Priss has zero chance of so much as twitching if she's inside of it until the tiny emergency reserve kicks in to open it up and let her out.

It's tough enough to survive being knocked through buildings, extensive combat in space, and re-entering earth's atmosphere while keeping its squishy occupant intact. All while having never been intended to leave the planet in the first place. It is not, however, capeable of going up into space under its own power, and could never be used for an escape vehicle, even with the assistance of Moto (more on Moto in a moment).

With Priss' eventual modifications as the Sotai, it'll probably be even tougher to damage the suit once it's fully repaired. But she can't live in the suit 24/7, especially as Galatea starts to wake up.

This version of the suit is something of a shapeshifter, but note that it's limited in how it can shift with Priss inside of it, so as to not kill her, and it can't really move beyond twitching without Priss inside of it. At its basic-most level, it can turn into a caustic, goop-like substance called inner metal, and this is probably the state it will be in the most when she isn't in it. As inner metal, it can be coaxed by Priss to move istelf, albeit slowly and with her right there to mentally push it along. It cannot be summoned to her from afar.

Sotai: With Galatea inside of her brain, Priss will exhibit a strange and initially entirely unconscious affinity for working with machines and metal in general, as well as the boomer hardsuit. Priss by herself is not capable of building or repairing hard suit technology, she's only ever been good at using and destroying it prior to the download. Her eventual repair of the suit would be the first major sign that the download of Galatea into her brain has actually changed her.

Over time, the hardsuit will act as the bridge between herself and the inorganic, and the Phenomenon will begin to manifest. Unconsciously at first, in small and less noticeable ways. A metal bench's leg may separate with a tiny green flash when she needs a makeshift weapon, things like that. She may not even notice, at first.

Eventually, use of any electronics on her person may become thoughtless and may not even involve physical interaction. The hardsuit will begin sending Priss feedback from afar. Metal may hum softly in her mind when she touches it. Things like this. This is the stage where she'll start to notice something has gone awry beyond simply suddenly knowing how to be her own hardsuit mechanic.

The end result (in a vacuum) would be the full Phenomenon slowly manifesting and eventually coming under her power as Galatea's download slowly awakens, her memories strengthening until Priss isn't sure which one she really is; Priss who was downloaded into, or Galatea who downloaded into Priss. This identity crisis is severe psychological horror and is essentially her going rogue, and she may have to be neutralized. (I say "in a vacuum" because I'm perfectly groovy with In Game events altering how she handles her identity crisis, and if she comes into it carefully enough she may well master the Phenomenon without going totally bugfuck. Yay!) Note that I expect reaching this point to take months beyond the months that repairing the hardsuit will take.

The Phenomenon is the control of metal, feedback from machinery, etc. It travels through direct contact but also through anything that can transmit signals. Radios, phones... the hardsuit itself. The Phenomenon affects -- in order of easiest to most difficult -- computers, general electronics, and all metals. This means direct communication with machinery, and the ability to make metal move on its own, albeit the latter accompanied by an extremely obvious toxic green glow. Because it's having to funnel through a less than perfect source, I consider its range to be far less than it was when Galatea-in-the-flesh used it. Things have to be in the room, essentially, and I am fine with game-important things like the ship and the dome, etc, all being too foreign (down to the alloys) for the Sotai to do anything to.

A final note on the Sotai: anything done to Priss that involves making a connection with her mind equals making a connection with Galatea. Galatea is the mindfuck god of Priss' canon, as best evidenced in her, you know, being able to download herself into Priss' human brain. Obviously anything I do involving other characters would be with the players' OOC permission. But so, I would hope, would poking around in Priss' mind and such to begin with. At the very least Galatea should be able to evict an unwelcome guest from her house, but it's not out of expectation that she could turn the tables on an invader entirely. I would absolutely work this out with the player in question OOCly.


Melted remains of the hardsuit and Motoslave. Nothing else. http://www.arowrites.net/othercrap/rp/priss/SuitCrash.jpg

I would like her to eventually re-build the Motoslave. This would be months after arriving in the game, as she'd need to have rebuilt her hardsuit before even starting on Moto, and that will already take months to begin with. Moto would not be complete until at least six months in the game, at the very earliest.

The Motoslave is a boomer, and thus sentient, but it absolutely lacks enough personality on its own to be a stand-alone character. I would liken it to a pet in game terms, though its role is more as an assistant/servant and ground transport. Its natural form is that of a a huge monster of a motorcycle, but it can also unfold to sort of attach to / wrap around the hardsuit. I would be perfectly fine with it lacking its huge side-cannon, or the means to obtain the ammo for it.

You can see it in bike form at 2:04 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHxgBMOCHrA and it shifts form at 3:40 in the same video. The shifted form is also seen in 2032, such as in the clip I linked of Sylvie's death in history.

Moto is not a deal-breaker if not allowed, just let me know and I'll plan her progression accordingly.


Instead of crashing to Earth as she does in canon, I'm keen on the final burst from an exploding Galatea doing something wonky to the fabric of space and time and she goes hurtling down toward this planet instead. Being fired on won't damage the suit any worse than the re-entry itself does (and did in canon), mostly so she doesn't die.

I intend for her to crash way out in the middle of nowhere, forcibly pry herself out of the melted hunk of boomer as she did in canon, and start stumbling toward the dome. If she can't see it from where she lands, she'll have seen it on the way down; she was conscious for re-entry. I figure that's pretty damn visible. She'll stumble across people, probably bleed on them a lot, and viola.

Said melted remains of the hardsuit and Moto will initially be abandoned where she lands way out in the middle of nowhere. She'll go back out for it later. Otherwise, she's arriving buck naked; there's no room for anything inside the hardsuit but her. She'll have a long and annoying walk, particularly with her injuries.

[- Writing Samples -]

Network Sample:

[The camera cuts on and Priss says nothing at all for a very long, drawn out moment, just staring at the camera like it might bite her... or like she might bite it. It's wariness from someone whose fight or flight instincts are most assuredly 'fight'. But this isn't the puzzled stare of someone unfamiliar with technology; she's framed perfectly, lit marvelously, and there isn't a trace of confusion in her sharp, unfriendly stare. She's found jeans, boots, and a t-shirt somewhere, and is sitting on the ground, leaning back against a wall; the camera is propped on something, because her hands are visible, bruised almost black.]

Hello, Verr... dana.

[Her expression sours briefly at the unfamiliar word, like she doesn't like the taste of it.]

My name is Priss, and I am making this broadcast on the off chance that I'm not the only one to come crashing down to this place. From my world, that is. Is world the right term for this? Reality, maybe? Plane? Something stupid like that?

[A snort, and she draws one leg up, bent sharply at the knee, one of her arms draped over it. There are many scabbed-over circular puncture wounds visible where her tshirt leaves her arms bare. And a lot more bruising.]

Whatever. Knight Sabers, if you're here, find me in the town with all the broken down crap in it. Or broadcast something... I'll be watching. I may... I may be able to fix them.

[Whatever 'them' is, she doesn't elaborate. A pause, and her eyes narrow a touch before the very slightest of a sardonic smirk twitches at her lips.]

The rest of you... I'll be watching you, too. Count on it.

[The feed cuts out.]

Log Sample:

(Note: not meant to be this setting.)

Priss stared sourly up at the bottom of the bus she was currently tearing into, a drop of blood from her skinned knuckle hitting her cheek as she wrestled with tools to detach the piece she was after. It wasn't ideal; nothing ever was, but... but it would work. The inner metal would take what it needed and spit out the rest.

I can't not have the hardsuit here, Priss thought grimly, forcing a rusted bolt loose. I can't... I can't not fix it. The Knight was all but defenseless without it, and she well knew it.

But how she knew how to fix it... how she knew it wanted -- wanted?! -- this part, or any other part, she couldn't say. It didn't bear looking too closely at. Maybe I'm just nuts, her cynicism kicked in, and this is me just clinging to the one thing I can do about this shitty situation. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

She wouldn't look too closely at it. Doing so invited insanity.

With a millisecond flash of toxic green light, the part came free of the bus and was caught in Priss' hands. The victory was anything but, and Priss found herself swallowing bile.

I'm nuts, the thought was firm, insistent, demanding. That's all it is. Do you hear me?!


Priss slid out from under the bus, part and tools in hand, and threw it all into a bucket. Taking the metal handle in hand, she stalked onward through the rubble. Over there, that thing. It had cables as thick as her arm. It wanted them.



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